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The Fudgets library is available for download free of charge.

Fudgets was mostly developed in 1991-1996. After that, only maintenance work and some minor additions have been made. It works with the Haskell Platform.

As a GUI toolkit, Fudgets is built on top of Xlib from the X11 Window system, which means it works best on GNU/Linux and other Unix-like system that use the X11 Window system natively. Fudgets can be used on other systems as long as there is some X11 compatibility layer. For example, you can compile and use Fudgets on macOS if you install XQuartz.

Current version

The most recent snapshot of the source code is fudgets-201103.tar.gz (which is a Cabal package). Some notes about this snapshot:

For other recent snapshots and more details, see

Release history